Calm the F Down!

Calm the F Down!

What do you do to take care of your nervous system? How you feel, move, and relate to the world depends on the health of your nervous system. Many people’s nerves are bound tight by stress. We say they are high strung. This affects whether they interact positively or negatively with the world. Stress impacts our nerves daily, from our foods to environmental toxins, to emotional triggers. We must heal our nerves daily, releasing tension. Unbinding our nerves from stress gives us back control over our reactions.  

Rather than waiting until we are bound so tight, we can tone daily. Much like going to the gym to tone our muscular system. Being tense/high strung/bond tight is a metaphor of course. More scientifically, our nervous system is a series of nerve cells communicating via neurotransmitters. The stressors may inflame our nerves, damage their myelin sheath (aids electrical conductivity), interfere with neurotransmitters, cause ionic imbalance (controls nerve impulse—communication from neuron to neuron).

 Here are 5 ways to think about regulating your nervous system, therefore your nervous response to the world:

-Avoid foods that disrupt your nervous system

-Protect against inflammation

-Regulate neurotransmitters

-Encourage neurogenesis (growth of new nerve cells)

-Proper ionic balance (salt intake)

Any form of self-healing should be accompanied by the basics:

-Healthy Water

-Healthy Food



-Reduction of electronic media intake ( social media, news, music, TV, and all video content)


Here is a list of substances to research further to help with above mentioned:









-Lion’s Mane


Here is a list of practices to help with the nervous system:

-Deep stretching

              -Stretching the hips releases stored emotions

              -The spine encapsulates the central nervous system, keeping it loose & flexible elevates stress on the nervous system

-Deep controlled breathes givens a steady rhythm for your nervous system to follow

-Eye movement from left to right (peripheral vision)




You owe it to yourself to become resilient in the face of all stress. Choose habits to tone your nervous system daily. Find short cuts to make your routine easier. Our Hot Chocolate provides 4 of the substances listed in a blend to ease your tension with every cup. Healing is a long-term process. Stress is an unavoidable factor in life. We wish that everyone can become a stoic James Bond like character who is free of nervousness, anxiety, and in complete control of his/her reactions. The reality is we have to understand where we are in life. Some of us can work to become superhuman, others can work to deal with a prolonged difficult situation. Either way. Heal every day, you are worth it!

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