Deep Health: How to Seek True Healing

Deep Health: How to Seek True Healing

Deep Health: The Philosophy of Going Beyond Health Trends

Please disregard spelling & grammar. My brain does not have time for that. Your acceptance is always reciprocated.

Welcome to Deep Health. You are the special sort of person who goes beyond the trends to seek out  optimal wellbeing. We had the fortune of connecting along the way whether in person or social media.

The Concepts Behind Deep Health

Deep health refers to the optimization of health that learns from all tradition, philosophy, and modern science. Health is a deeply integrated practice. In general, Deep Health it the product of these ideas:

  • the body is interconnected; emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health is interconnected
  • each body is its own unique ecosystem
  • being open to the possibility we once knew more about health than we do in modernity & simultaneously accepting the many gifts of modern medicine
  • peak human health is directly related to the health of the external ecosystem which consists broadly of Soil, Plants, People
  • general society misinterprets health truths via trends
  • the best diet is a product of the current environment you live in and the environment you came from; health is as much as reaching for the Light Body as it is reaching to be a part of Mother Earth; here we go.

Off into poetry, the one true art because it is the most flexible and least finite.

Getting Metaphysical

Mother Earth Receives the light of the Heavenly Father, Crystalizing Form in the context of the Cosmos.  Vegan plant-based living “believes” in eating to increase the light in our body. They believe it is cruel, dark, and unnecessary to kill any animal for food. Eating plants connects you to the light (photosynthesis) thus making you better than everyone enough so you have to scream at them to stop eating animals. Mother, on the other hand, is grounding. Originating the form of the body…animal body. She is the ultimate receiver of Father Suns light. Father Sun’s light would not manifest without the “dust” of Mother. Much like how the male honeybee has zero purpose, other than to fertilize the queen to produce more children (female worker bees). Who live to produce honey. A distillation of the energy of Father Sun. A reference to bees gathering sugar from plants who utilize the energy (H+; hydrogen; proton) from the sun to produce sugar (C6H12O6; glucose) carbon is a representation of Mother, oxygen a carrier molecule binding Father to Mother. Plants produce sugar to attract pollinators to carry their Masculine Energy (pollen) to the Feminine Energy to Produce Seeds (pistol/ovaries). Thus, the animation, crystallization of life continues.

Human Exellence as a Goal

In Deep Health our purpose can be to be a prime human. Human excellence which compounds over the generations.

Deep Health is the resurrection of human perfection. Living without dogma. To understand no tradition contains all the truth. Truth belongs to no one. Truth is relative. We must head towards truth;  we exist as a product of Sun and Earth (Heaven and Earth) in the context of the cosmos. Learn from tradition, adapt to the current age we live in. Deep Healing is as intentional as it is open to experience. There is a method to head towards truth. Methods to learn and become by purifying the human body.

Welcome to Deep Healing. You are a part of Deep Healing that will affect generations to come, bringing them towards truth, the light.

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