Donated 2% of our Profits in 2022!!!

You are helping to uplift the lives of people with every bag you purchase!

With each bag sold Casey’s Creations gives everyone the power to transform their health, the power to give back to Mother Earth by supporting Organic, Biodynamic, and Regenerative farmers. Together our giving keeps on giving! That is why we are committed to donating 2% of our profits.

The donations given on behalf of all of you glorious people are guaranteed to make a positive impact. Rather than hoping our donations support someone after a large popular charity gets their hands on it, we give to Organizations we are personally familiar with.

Together, this year we have donated to The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco-foundation (KRMEF). Casey met Krishna Gurung, KRMEF founder, in 2020 while with the Impact Expedition in Nepal. Krishna has made a lifetime of impact on helping his local community. With KRMEF, Krishna, his wife, and two daughters, along with their empowered team are uplifting the lives of their neighbors outside of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Krishna has built an Ankuran Waldorf Inspired school around a Biodynamic garden for children who may not be able to attend school otherwise. These kids receive Organic meals, Bio Nepali cotton uniforms, quality education and are taught real life skills that will help them prosper in life. His project employees local single mothers in need of income to feed their children; Provides free healthcare in their medical clinic; Empowers women through their Mahila Shakti (Women’s Empowerment) program. Builds homes for families that lost their house in an earthquake. And hosts an eco-café featuring healthy traditional meals from vegetables grown in their Biodyn amic garden.

We are certain our friend Krishna will uplift the lives of deserving people with every dollar we donate to him.

Feeling inspired to keep on giving?

You can further support the women and children uplifted by Krishna in a few quick steps!


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