How I Recovered from Lyme

How I Recovered from Lyme

TickLyme is Natural so is its Cure

Written by Casey Timmins                                                                                    March 29th 2023

Caution: I am not a doctor. The following statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure. They have not been evaluated by the FDA.

With that said I have yet to meet a person who has been helped by a doctor for Lyme.

However, I am not against taking anti-biotics for Lyme, especially in the first year of Lyme. It is a safe bet to begin a course of antibiotics as soon as you know you have Lyme. Doxycycline and Amoxicillin are the two most effect for Lyme. The former being the top performer, the later being safe for pregnant women and children under 8.

Here is what helped me through my first period of Lyme.

Lyme began to interfere with my professional life. It was a factor behind delaying projects, lessoning their quality, and in cases the reason I had to cancel certain projects. There was drowsiness, fatigue, heart complications, pain, daily near fainting spells, loss of short term memory and word recall among other symptoms.


Lyme Schedule:                                                  More details follow.

Clean diet with plenty of filtered water.

 Japanese Knotweed

1mL Tulsi Nettle Tincture
2-3 tsp Japanese Knotweed Tincture
1mL Ashwagandha Tincture
100mg CoQ-10
500 mg Taurine
1mL Black Walnut Tincture
500mg Lion’s Mane Extract/Tincture


10 drops Wormwood Tincture
1 tsp Reishi Tincture
1 tsp Japanese Knotweed Tincture


1 bunch each per week Cilantro/Parsley Juice
1 jar per week  Natural Fermented Pickle Juice
Drink daily
Licorice Tea
Lemon Balm Tea


Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm/Licorice
One week on one week off
Sauna with Niacin Detox 2-4 Weeks
1 Cup Borax
 1 Cup Baking Soda
   2 Cups Sea Salt
Bentonite Clay on the Back of your neck and tail bone

            These two areas tend to itch during a Lyme flare up. Put on some wet clay when a you feel an itch/soreness. It is worth while even if you do not feel the itch.


If these are not part of your regular routine already, begin to incorporate them into your regular routing


B Vitamin Complex


Why did I choose  what I chose for a Lyme protocol?

I trusted scientific literature, intuition, and feedback from my own body. There was nothing from this list I had to buy except for fresh cilantro and parsley, which was nothing new for me either. I had gathered these herbs because I knew they could all heal the body from the polluted environment I live in, a suburb of New York City. The majority of us are living in toxic environments. Some of the herbs I harvest from my own garden, some I foraged for, only the hard to get/process herbs were purchased.


We will discuss:

  1. What is Lyme cause by
  2. What in the body is affected by Lyme
  3. My educated hypothesis for why Lyme is even an issue
  4. The unique role each of these herbs play in healing our bodies from Lyme
  5. Warnings about starting this routine



  1. What is Lyme cause by


Lyme is suspected to be caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, Bartonella, a spirochete bacterium, and Rubella virus (measles).

The research is not conclusive on which one Lyme comes from. Most commonly Borrelia burgdorferi is attributed to Lyme and Rubella is considered a co-infection. Either way, the body needs protection and healing from both.

A spirochete bacterium is names after its spiral shape. It can cork screw its way into tight unusual spots in the base of your spinal column. This makes getting rid of the bacteria tricky, even for anti-biotics. When under attack the bacteria takes refuge at the top and base of the spinal column. We know where it is, and how it hides out!



  1. What in the body is affected by Lyme
    1. Here is what is most effected from Lyme. It may seem obvious, but it is worth reflecting on when setting a protocol.
    2. Brain
    3. Nervous System
    4. Heart
    5. Muscular System
    6. Spinal chord


  1. My educated hypothesis for why Lyme is even an issue


Ticks, blood sucking parasites, are a symptom of  a damaged ecosystem. Here on Long Island ticks have a natural enemy, the quail. It is not longer natural to see quail. We removed our best protection from ticks! Chickens are a great tick predator too, but you can bet more Long Islanders are not raising chickens.

Ticks thrive in damaged ecosystems. As you would expect a rough tough parasite to. It is Mad Max out there. We prayed countless pesticides, dumped toxins and heavy metals, and removed the native vegetation.

Ticks are repelled by floral scents. Wildflowers, roses, lavender, all of these fragrant beauties.  


Ticks are on the rise because the ecosystem is damaged. Nature is in a clean up mode. Humans are targeted, and we are not innocent! Only until we focus on greening the ecosystem, healing the soils, reintroducing native vegetation, and cease all silly chemical spraying will our issue be resolved.

For now, we can heal the ecology with in.

Heavy Metals

Lyme thrives in a toxic environment

            A host is full of toxins

            A host has a weak microbiome

            We must make ourselves unsuited to be a host

                        Flush out the toxins

                        Restore the microbiome



  1. The unique role each of these herbs play in healing our bodies from Lyme


Remember this: Your body is suffering. Take care of it. That means drinking filtered water and eating clean foods. Use this time to avoid all the foods you know are bad for you.


For targeting the spirochete and viruses Japanese Knotweed and Black walnut have the largest overall effect. Wormwood, Nettle, Ashwagandha, Reishi, and Tulsi have secondary benefit in targeting unwanted viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.


To heal and maintain a strong heart we are supplementing with Reishi particularly at night time, CoQ-10, Nettle, Taurine.


Low energy levels are offset by Taurine, CoQ-10, and Ashwagandha.


A Niacin (B3 with flush) detox accompanied with sauna use is beneficial for removing heavy metals from the body. My energy levels and over all symptom load was reduced immediately after my first sauna. The effects carried over to the next day.


The ionic bath was another fast solution to feeling better. I found this towards the end of my journey and wish I had it since day one. Make sure to bring water into the bathroom with you. The salts can dehydrate you and make you dizzy. This solution supposedly rids the body of heavy metals. High salt levels kill the Bartonella. Lastly, a majority of people are deficient in boron. It is necessary for healthy heart, vascular system, and thyroid function.


Lion’s Mane is a neurogenerative, it helps new neurons grow. The more help we can get for the nervous system during Lyme the better. It aids in focus, memory, and over all clarity.


Cilantro/Parsley juice cleanses the body from heavy metals. Its powerful and can be drank indefinitely. The effects feel greater than any wheat grass shot I have taken.


Bentonite clay draws toxins from the body and has been show to kill pathogens. Covering the spine with clay draws toxins out from the area. When the are itches, burns, or feels swollen the bentonite clay has a cooling effect.


Medi-Clay is a pharmaceutical gray bentonite clay. It will help heal your microbiome.


Enemas: Pathogens thrive in unhealthy microbiomes. The goal is to flush out the toxins. Our gut lays on top of our tail bond where Lyme hides out. Start fresh. The lemon balm an licorice is used as a diluted tea. This idea came from my intuition about the connection between Lyme and Herpes Simplex Virus


Pickle Juice: Lyme hates a salty body. Pickle juice contains electrolytes and can make someone on Lyme finally feel hydrate. Naturally fermented pickle juice will heal your microbiome better than kombucha and probiotic pills which are to be avoided.


My intuition led me to research herpes and HIV. These viruses seemed related to a degree. The herbs chosen based on treating the Herpes virus are licorice and lemon balm. Licorice is a great healer, but it should not be used long term due to side effects: increased blood pressure and hormone disruption.

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