"SoS!" Save our Soils!

"SoS!" Save our Soils!

SoS is simple.

The ingredients we source promote the growth of rich biodiverse soil.

The climate crisis we are familiar with is nothing new. Climate changes, sea levels rise. The actualy crisis is the death of soil. Soil converts dead carbon into living carbon. What is living carbon? You are and every other "carbon-based" life on Earth. Us humans humbly begin as humus in the soil that rises up from a gentle hum. The opposite is deserts, scorching suns, and malignant mutations (cancer, auto-immune diseases etc.).

What makes our company different? Casey is a trained Soil Ecologist. His main passion is creating rich soils out of organic waste that continue to suck atmospheric carbon into the web of life humanity depends on. 

Shrooms of Stability is his crowd funding to promote his independan research. 

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