Total Health Integration

Total Health Integration

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Content and Context

Healing happens within and without. Content refers to the work we do with ourselves, the substances we ingest, and the thoughts and feelings we have. Context refers to our interaction with the environment. Having a clean ecosystem, engaging with people who elevate your being are positive examples.

To have the healthiest content within our food and our water we must nurture the context including the soil, plants, and greater ecosystem.

To develop healthy social skills, we must surround ourselves with people with healthy social skills. The more kind, caring, and compassionate we are the healthier those around us will be.

We must give to receive.  

Individual, Group, Community


There is work that requires us to be alone. There is work that requires you to be in communion with others.

Often it feels like we are fed contradictory information:

  1. We must work on ourselves alone because healing comes from within. That we must work on ourselves before we can give to others. We are all healers.
  2. Teachers, counselors, and healers exist and are promoting their services to help you. They ae healers, not you.

The answer is simple. You have to be committed to do the work. You know intuitively what is right for you.

However, many of us are disconnected from our intuition and continually choose negative behavior patterns that we believe are healthy and inseparable from ourselves. You have to be healthy to heal (only in rare cases will someone figure out what needs to be done alone while in an unhealth state). Once committed to being the change, outside healers can influence you in the right direction. Make sure they are healthier than you. Many healers’ practices as healers but have many problematic social relationships, difficulty dealing with stress, and cling to beliefs that no longer serve them.


Groups come before community. If the individuals of a community are not healthy it will tend to degrade down to its weakest link unless it does this. The Authors of “Tribal Leadership” discuss the power of 3 to transmute an individual’s unharmonious patterns into alignment with community at a higher stage of development.

Forever lesser harmonious individual it takes 2 of a higher stage of development to bring the person up. The individual begins to adopt the common language, behavior patterns, and mode of interacting in a group as the other 2 already do.


Before joining a community hoping it will elevate your total wellbeing, work with healers who can pull you into alignment. Then check the community for individuals you can meet with regularly to inform your patterns of behavior.

A community that is in alignment is a transformative environment. The Energy field that is created is enough to bring out the best in you. You will think, feel, and act like your true self.

If you feel that you are not being encouraged to be your true self and are being changed into a uniform initiate who is discouraged from their own intuition, leave. This is not a community; it is a cult.


The relationship between the individual, groups, and communities is complex, and they are interweaved. There is not a linear process of development from one to the next.


Healing relies not a single practice, but a combination of many. We are complex beings with my

Healing requires going out into nature.

Healing is healthy water

Healing is healthy food

Healing is the use of herbs

Healing is the use of supplemental vitamins, minerals and other essential building blocks

Healing is movement

Healing is a collection of values and principles

Healing is constant self-reflection

Healing is sound, music, and harmony

Healing is breath

Healing is physical correction of the body

Healing is spiritual

Healing is doing work we are passionate about

Healing is gathering

Healing is how we do business

Healing is how we interact with the world

Healing is development of the ultimate self

Healing is diverse array of practices

Healing is a lifestyle

We are still living in a world of specialization, isolation, and compartmentalization. Where can we find all of the healing we need? Where can we integrate the bits and pieces, we need from each other without having to commit fully with our time, money, and space?

By connecting with a healer who is part of a Mycelial Network of healers. You will be free from committing to a limited scope of expertise. The healer can integrate several practices and lifestyle changes to your healing, and confidently connect you with healers, resources, and business to help you on your journey.

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