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Feel Healthier by Drinking Coffee

Root & Rise

Root & Rise

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Boost Your Health Through Coffee

Focus, Clarity, Immune Benefits

500mg Lion's Mane + 500mg Chaga extract equivelent. We use 8:1 Duel Extracted 100% fruiting body extracts. USDA Certified Organic. Nootropic, adaptogenic, and immunity perfection.

Supports Digestive Health

Most mushroom coffees upsell their mushrooms as "good for the gut." That's true, however, our root blend is more effective for healing the gut. Dandelion and chicory are known in ayurveda, TCM, and now science to stimulate fire in the gut, boosting digestion. Simultaneously removing toxins and built up sludge from gut. This allows for greater nutrient absorption. Dandelion and chicory then build a healthy foundation for a desirable gut-microbiome.

Superior Coffee Taste

Our founder, Casey, learned at the young age of 15 that the best way to keep healthy habits is to make them taste good. The aroma of this blends small amount of high quality medium roast coffee pulls through. it is complimented by the nutty chocolatey sweetness of the roasted roots. The bitter and acid taste of coffee disappears.

Always Made With Certified Organic Ingredients

A coffee for those who need more energy, focus, and clarity. Throw in better digestion and a boosted immune system too. Also for those who are done with the crashes and jitters of coffee. These issues are resolved by our adaptogenic and nootropic blend of Organic roasted dandelion & chicory roots, coffee, and extracts of lion's mane and chaga.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
linda santiago
I made the switch from coffee!

After being diagnosed with a heart condition, I had to give up my very strong caffeinated coffee. I had purchased Root and Rise in the summer at a farmers market, And I finally decided to try it. I love it!!!! I love the taste, I loved the energy boost. I decided to try the decaffeinated. Of course we all know about the headaches withdrawing from caffeine, so I started to mix half-and-half, then 3/4 to a quarter, and now on my solely on decaf !! I did not have to give up great flavor. And the natural energy of the mushrooms gets me going in the morning. Although this drink does not claim to cure or help the heart…I can say 100% , that all my heart issues have disappeared and I’ve been taken off my heart medications. I will be joining the monthly delivery olan next !

Susan Gelbman
Love my Coffee

Thanks for a fabulous coffee that I like to blend.
Makes me smile!

Dan Reddy
Root and Rise Review

A delicious coffee with awesome benefits, and tastes great black!
As a coffee lover who drinks too much coffee, I've been really enjoying adding in the root and rise mix. For both the physical benefits of not feeling so jittery and anxious but still having that great focus and able to enjoy a nice hot coffee. Highly recommend!

Don DiLillo
Best Coffee I've Ever Tasted

This is literally the best coffee i've ever tasted. I was expecting it to be good and special because of the high quality ingredients, mushrooms, etc but WOW. The second I took my first sip I knew and felt that it was different to any other coffee I have ever had. I would drink this over any other coffee, any day. Literally amazing. Highly recommend!

Stephen Vingiello

Great coffee