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Root & Rise Coffee

Shrooms of Stability

Shrooms of Stability

Energy Without the Caffeine or Crash

Could it Tastes Richer and better Than Coffee, Yes, Yes it Can

Focus, Clarity, Immune Benefits

500mg Lion's Mane + 500mg Chaga extract equivelent. We use 8:1 Duel Extracted 100% fruiting body extracts. USDA Certified Organic. Nootropic, adaptogenic, and immunity perfection.

Supports Digestive Health

Most mushroom coffees upsell their mushrooms as "good for the gut." That's true, however, our root blend is more effective for healing the gut. Dandelion and chicory are known in ayurveda, TCM, and now science to stimulate fire in the gut, boosting digestion. Simultaneously removing toxins and built up sludge from gut. This allows for greater nutrient absorption. Dandelion and chicory then build a healthy foundation for a desirable gut-microbiome.

Superior Coffee Taste

Our founder, Casey, learned at the young age of 15 that the best way to keep healthy habits is to make them taste good. The roasted dandelion and chicory interplay ina way that mimics coffee without the acid and bitter taste. Enriched by a chocolatey nutty sweetness

Always made with Certified Organic Ingredients.

A coffee for those who need more energy, focus, and clarity. Throw in better digestion and a boosted immune system too. Also for those who are done with the crashes and jitters of coffee. These issues are resolved by our adaptogenic and nootropic blend of Organic roasted dandelion & chicory roots, coffee, and extracts of lion's mane and chaga.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Timothy Hughes
Love this

My daughter bought this at a farmers market and we loved it.So we bought more online. Love the chicory, reminds us of Café Du Monde and we are excited about the aptogenic mushroom benefits and it tastes great with no acidity that you get from regular coffee

Sandra Deschamps
Love Root and Rise Coffee

I placed my order and received my coffee in under a week! I love the alternative to drinking caffeinated coffee. I love the taste and have been drinking it for over 10 months.

Stephen Vingiello
The best

Awesome mushroom coffee best I ever had!

Deborah Scalcione
Great flavor!

I didn't realize it was a decaffeinated coffee at first, but I enjoy drinking it at night after dinner. It has a smooth flavor and a put a little cinnamon in it replaces sweet desserts.

james bruno
Homegrown created by a neighbor

Pleasantly surprised not only of the flavor but the medicinal affects to my body. I’m glad a friend turned me on to this, I am now a monthly subscriber